Making my rounds of free trials and garbage FTP's landed me on LOTRO a few months back. I'm not going to claim to know a damn thing...

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Stonehenge Theories with Nigel Tufnel Stonehenge Theories with Nigel Tufnel

Christopher Guest as of course his genius character Nigel Tufnel. I can't get enough Nigel. ...

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Famitsu Hands-On Alpha FFXIV Famitsu Hands-On Alpha FFXIV

Character Creation Famitsu boasts that the character creation system is so deep, you'll be nitpicking your avatar setting all day l...

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FFXIV Alpha Manual #3 FFXIV Alpha Manual #3

The Synthesis Process   1. Having equipped the proper tool, select yourself to display the action bar and choose the Synthesize option. ...

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FFXIV Alpha Test Manual #2 FFXIV Alpha Test Manual #2

Rifts along the surface of Hydaelyn can cause “leaks” from which the planet’s lifeblood, aether, can escape. By harnessing the power from c...

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