Aion Beta Weekend #4 Aion Beta Weekend #4

Level 25 is the cap this time and i have to say, 20-25 is a lot more fun than 1-20. I'm sure it's because i'm a Templar and we ...

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Bastilla The Thrilla Bastilla The Thrilla

Due to constant bitching and complaining from everyone's favorite french Canadian that i don't talk about him enough on here, i wen...

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Incoherent Rambling Incoherent Rambling

I've been reading forums a lot lately while waiting on the next beta weekend for Aion. I came across this one post full of idiots that ...

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Level 75! Osmium Armorsuit Level 75! Osmium Armorsuit

With another Aion beta being over till next week, i've been fucking around on Cabal again. Managed level 75 and my badass looking Osmiu...

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Aion Beta #3 Aion Beta #3

Cap was raised to 20 this time so we got to have some fun for 5 days. All i can say is that i'm having fun so far and i can only see it...

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