Defending Ring Defending Ring

Oh the irony. The first Dring I've ever seen in my treasure pool. It's been a year since Frankie's Dring dropped and I'm no...

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FFXI Regrets FFXI Regrets

Call it bad timing or call it just my shitty luck. My regret of 2008 was not killing AV when we had the chance. It's quite an annoying ...

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Hagun Hagun

Fucking finally! I've been borrowing Kukudawgs Hagun for what seems to be half a year. Everyone knows i'm too poor to buy one and w...

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Splitting Heirs Splitting Heirs

Finally had some free time to get this done. Unfortunately, and with our luck, it was the last night we had the OP available. Not in my pic...

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Ragnarok Ragnarok

Normally we do Sea with 6 or 7 people, but lots needed stuff, so we over did it a bit. Finally got Prudence Torque for when ever the hell i...

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Bastilla Bastilla

Bast has been bitching that i don't have an entire page dedicated to him. In truth, i dunno where the hell all my pics of him went. Any...

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